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QUESTION: Hi Greg, we communicated earlier this week about an issue I was having with an outside lamp post with a faulty ground. Well, this morning I dug up my yard and cut out the damaged looking wire and cut it off. I then connected a lamp post head to the freshly cut wire just to see if I got power and I did. That didn't happen with the old crusty wire. However, when I screwed the lightbulb in, the meter didn't register any power and the light didn't come on.  Do you know why this is the case. Is there possibly still a short somewhere. I would appreciate your insight on this matter. Thanks.

ANSWER: When you first connected the lamp post head to the freshly cut wire did the light bulb come on, or did you just measure voltage?

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QUESTION: no light, just measured voltage.

You have to put a load on it next time. What you still have is a broken neutral wire.

My guess is that if you were to connect your white to ground again at the post the light will turn on.

If it were me, I would run a whole new line or if that is too costly/difficult I would simply go solar.
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