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QUESTION: Hello, I have two 20amp 125v dedicated outlets in my house and I've noticed that if I plug any fan into these outlets they run slower than if I use them on the regular 15 amp outlets. I've tried fans with polarized plugs and without. I have replaced one outlet with a new one, same problem. Weird. Why would this occur? Is there something in the construction of that weird T shaped hole on the polarized side that only works best with a horizontal plug blade? Are the 20 amp breakers not really 20 amps? Are they wired backwards? (I doubt it) Any help would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Unlikely and certainly unrelated to the device.
Perception is not evidence.
What are you using to measure the fan's rpm?

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QUESTION: I'm using my ears, and my wife's which tell us that the fans are running slower at these outlets. Not a lot, but there's a difference. Can you perhaps narrow down the possible causes for this?

What you think you hear is possibly cause to investigate.
Once you decide to do that you need an ammeter, a voltmeter and an rpm meter.
Photos or videos of the tests would probably be useful as well.
Create a table with the results of your measurements at the various locations.
Then there is something to evaluate and discuss.

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