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Mountain Cable Car 1
Mountain Cable Car 1  

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Mountain Cable Car 2  
Dear Deirdre

Require some inputs from your end regarding the technical specifications, engineering mechanics behind the construction /manufacturing process of Mountain Cable Car.

Inputs : Cable Type, Electrical Power requirements, Motor Type,  Load carrying capacity determination of the Riders,Manufacturing Process of Mountain Cable Car, Cable Points Location
Start (Bottom) and End (Mountain Top) point of the Journey, Cable laying/fixing methods etc.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There is no simple answer to these questions, because they are dependent on the installation. Most cable-car systems will use a metal rope or cable, but the specifications of that cable are dependent on the particular installation. Some questions that need to be answered include the weight that will be suspended, the maximum wind speed that the system is designed to operate under, the number of cars to be carried at one time, whether or not the cars are fixed to the cable, or detachable.

As for the motor to be used, this is also something that depends on the particular installation. The variables include the mechanical losses in the system, the amount of weight that will be carried up the hill ( or difference in weight between the upward load and down-hill load), the speed that the cars will move, and so forth.

When you know the mass that needs to be raised, the velocity, the losses, then it's relatively simple to calculate how many horsepower or KW are required to accomplish the task. You will then need to know what is available for power, and base your motor selection on all this information. Do you have single-phase or 3-phase electricity available? Or would you be generating your own electricity at the location? Do you want a fixed-speed or variable speed motor? Do you want the tram to operate in one direction, or would you like it reversible?

It's impossible to make any recommendations regarding motors without knowing a great deal more about the actual application.  

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