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Electronic Components/Movies (Films) v/s Dramas (Plays).


QUESTION: Dear Deirdre

which according to you for an artist is a more challenging role to portrait i.e In Movies  or Plays (Dramas) ?.

Is it not always the Plays or Dramas because In Plays (Dramas), the artist has to perform live before the audience ?

Example :

There is a Movie "Romeo and Juliet" - 2 hours duration.
There is also a Play "Romeo and Juliet" - 2 hours duration.

Now the artist who has portrait the role of Romeo in both is common. i.e Same Artist has acted in both the Movie as well as
in the Drama.

Is it possible that An Artist who is acting in both Movies as well as in Plays may or may not be successful in one of them ?
i.e. Audience have appreciated his/her acting skills in Movies but not in Plays or vice versa.

if that is the above case what could be the reasons ?. Script,
Co stars, Direction, Music, Environment etc

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Acting on stage and in film take different skill sets. Someone who is successful in one venue may not be in the other.

Also, a 2-hour stage production is very different than a 2-hour film production. A stage production requires all actors to memorize the entire program, while film productions do not require the same level of memorization. The part must be learned only long enough to capture the shooting.

Also, on the stage, actors must learn to always face the audience, and to project their voices to the audience, where in film, the cameras may be in any position, allowing for a more natural interaction.

On the stage, movements are typically exaggerated a bit, to allow a distant audience to understand the movements, where in film, movement may be more subtle.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Deirdre

Thank you.

Do you agree on this point mentioned below ?

In Dramas (Plays), since there is a live performance on the stage before the audience, if specific dialogue lines are not able to recollect by the artist, this can cause a problem during the live stage show, while in movies (films), there is a liberty given to the artists to retake shots if the director do not find it convincing. This could be a major advantage to artists performing in movies over stage dramas ?

Do the above problem can be solved by rehearsals in stage shows ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Actually, in stage performances, actors become adept at helping each other whilst remaining in-character. In rehearsals, the actor gets to know the part and the show, and if something goes awry, the dialogue will continue ad-lib until the show gets back on track. Good actors are familiar with this, and it is a part of acting on-stage.

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