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Dear Deirdre

Do UFO really exists OR Can we classify them as Science Fiction Objects ?.

If i am not wrong, There were also some movies also made on Flying Saucers regarding aliens Landing from UFO.

Another Interesting point to be noted is UFO Shape. i.e. flat bottomed saucer, convex on one side.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There have been many films made - Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Hangar 18 and others. These films are, of course, science fiction because the events behind them are fictitious.

But the existence of UFOs is something else. There have been objects seen by many, which have not been identified. By definition, these are Unidentified Flying Objects. The real question becomes then, whether these objects are extra-terrestrial in origin. Some of them might just be experimental aircraft that are being designed by, or for government agencies which are still secret in nature.

On the other hand, it seems rather hubris to believe that we are the only beings in the universe. So, in the final analysis, until solid evidence is found, the question has no answer.

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