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Dear Deirdre

1. Similar to Hubs and Switches Networking Devices which are used for connecting computers (Lan Card - Ethernet Port) physically wired to different Ethernet ports of Hubs and Switches with UTP cables, is it also possible to manufacture Wireless Hubs and Switches ?

Example :

i.e. A wireless LAN Ethernet Card connected to a Wireless 24 Port Ethernet Hub or Wireless 24 Port Ethernet Switch ?

2. Can Cascading possible also in Wireless Switches or Wireless Hubs ?

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Wireless Ethernet works a bit differently than physical cables, so it's not possible to build exact analogues to the physical networking devices with a wireless connection - nor does it really make sense to do so.

One of the issues is speed - Currently 802.11 n can support speeds just over 100 Mbits per second - modern lan cards currently support gigabit speeds.

Lan Switches support individual dedicated lines for each device - traffic is isolated on a per-device basis - wireless cards will receive all data on the air at the time. There is no way to beam only the data directed at a single computer to that computer alone.

As technology progresses, faster data rates will increase the performance, but due to the nature of using radio waves instead of physical wires, it will be impossible to create exact analogues to wired infrastructure using radio. But the inverse of this is true as well. Wired and wireless are very different.

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