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Attached is a picture of a symbol of a circuit board. The board is out of a Nady portable audio system that went bad. I have been troubleshooting and replaced a few parts that where bad. I removed the part that was attached in the area of the symbol but lost it and now I have no clue what it is to get a new one.

Do you recognize this symbol at all? That way I can buy a new part to replace?

Any help you can give me I would appreciate it
Any questions let me know

Thank you!

I'm not familiar with that exact symbol. The thing is that in electronics, especially in different parts of the world, different symbols may be used. However, there are some hints:
This component seems to be in the power supply circuit of your device.
It is common to have surge and over-voltage protection in this part of the circuit.
I'm going to venture a guess that the component here was an over-voltage protection device, and given the designation "g", that it was likely a gas-discharge device. You can find such devices here: http://www.circuitstoday.com/lightningsurge-protector-circuit-using-gas-discharg
Other types of protectors include MOVs. Basically, these devices decrease their resistance as the voltage across them reaches some threshold, and absorb the power that might otherwise damage the associated circuitry.

It would, of course, be easier to be more accurate if there were a schematic, or if I could see the board and know exactly where this component was connected in the circuit, but this is my best guess right now.

These devices do come in various values, and you would need to choose one based on the voltage of operation.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

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