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I'm installing a 12V DC 1100mA siren speaker to my home security system. It has 3 wires: a neutral, a yellow wire for single tone and a red wire for a yelp tone.

I was wondering if there was an electrical component that would automatically alternate the connection between red and yellow wires every few seconds or so. If there is, how can I find such a component?

Thank you!

Normally, a sound module like this, if there are only three wires, will have one wire for ground (or neutral) one wire for power, and one wire to select the tone (or to provide the audio to be amplified).
Usually, the red wire would be for the 12V power.
It may be that the module has a separate power supply that you haven't mentioned above.

In any case, I can't give a complete answer without knowing a bit more about the device. If you could supply me with the name of the manufacturer and the model number, I may be able to look it up and provide you with better information. Without this, I can only guess.

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