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Can a loose hdmi cable with intermittent loss of signal damage my ps3 or tv?

I've tried two sets of cables and they just aren't snug in my ps3 and occasionally lose signal for a few seconds.

Also, is it necessary to power down the ps3 when replacing the hdmi cable?

It's probably not necessary to power down the PS3 when replacing cables - the HDMI specification defines the connection as "hot-pluggable", meaning that it is designed to be connected without powering down.
However, some people have noted damage to equipment when connecting with the equipment powered up. I expect that this may be due to static, charges on long cables, or poor design of some equipment. So while the equipment may be technically hot-pluggable, it's probably best to power down equipment when possible.

As for loose cables in your PS3, it sounds like the connectors on the PS3 are more likely to be the problem - rather than the cables, and if possible, perhaps you could have that serviced. If not, the intermittent cables are more likely to be an inconvenience than anything else.

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