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Dear Deirdre

Is Parachute Operation Training offered as a part of Professional Pilot Training Program ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

No, it is not.
Pilots do not exit the aircraft while it is in flight - even in emergencies.
Unlike military aircraft, civil aviation crafts are not designed in such a way that the pilot may exit the aircraft while it is in flight. Rather, larger aircraft are designed with multiply redundant systems that should permit the aircraft to be flown, even with significant damage. And in the event that the aircraft is so badly damaged that it can no longer be flown, it is unlikely that anyone could don a parachute and safely exit the aircraft.

Private aircraft are designed in such a way that even if the engine fails, it should still be able to be landed safely.

So with aircraft not designed to be exited in the event of an in-flight emergency, it makes little sense to offer parachute training.

Note also that in military aircraft, it is only the fighter aircraft that have ejection systems. Most of the larger aircraft do not rely on parachutes for the flight crew emergency egress.  

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