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555 Timer IC
555 Timer IC  
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Can i use 555 Timer IC OR any other equivalent IC for generating Alarms / Sirens within Smartphone wireless device ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

The 555 is an interesting chip. Some have considered it obsolete for quite some time, but it is still in production and often used in a variety of products. It is incredibly versatile, and can be used for timing, as a low frequency clock source, oscillator, voltage to frequency converter and a multitude of other uses.

But you will not likely see it used in a phone or other highly miniaturized device. The reason isn't because the chip isn't capable, but rather because using it to create alarms would be redundant. Smart phones and other devices that already have audio as a part of their function, will produce audio alarms, ring tones and the like digitally, and then use a digital to analog converter to produce the actual audio. This makes a device like the 555 unnecessary.

Remember, too, that users like the ability to program particular sounds for particular purposes; (we can program a particular ring tone and associate it with a particular caller, etc.) and the sounds produced with the 555 are determined by associated hardware, and are not programmable as would be a digitally produced alert tone.

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