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Electronic Components/ATM Machine for sending / receiving SMS and Email.


Dear Ernesto‎‎‎

1. Are sending / receiving SMS and sending / receiving Emails could be useful functions / features integrated in Automated teller machines ?.

2. Technically for the above functions/features to work, will the following changes mentioned below to be incorporated in the ATM device ?

a. ATM Keypad to be changed , similar to a Cell Phone Device keypad
accepting numbers, characters (upper,lower case), special characters, symbols for sending / receiving SMS and Emails.

b. ATM processors (electronic circuits hardware) integration/modification dedicated for carrying out those above functions.

c. ATM software menu changes for implementing those functions/features.

3. The 4 digit pin number can also be replaced now by adding a strong alphanumeric password of 6-8 characters by ATM debit card holder. Could this be a useful function ?.

4. The ATM manufacturers collaborating with Mobile Network Operators to achieve the above functionality could be useful
in this context ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

NO SIMPLE no because there are people waiting on the back of the line, this is not your portable station to send messages, you get your money and move out of the way as fast as possible, i will curse at anybody wasting time on the atm teller
bad idea  

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