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Electronic Components/Alarms for Battery Power consumed in Electronic Gadgets.


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to build electrical circuit with alarms for indicating Battery Power consumed in electronic gadgets viz cameras, toys, watches, calculators etc ?.

For example :

Similar to alarm which we manually set in clocks, the electrical circuit designed will calculate the battery power consumed and when it is say 10% battery power remaining (low on battery, drained), alarms will buzz to the consumer as warning signals before 2-3 days in advance for the respective electronic gadgets. This process will be automated.

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Prashant S Akerkar

This is a common feature in many devices including cameras, cell phones, smoke alarms or any other device in which battery power might be critical. Smoke alarms will sound a periodic "chirp" when battery capacity is diminished. Most cameras, cell phones or other devices have a battery level indicator of some sort on the display. laptop computers and tablets have a battery indicator. Many cell phones have an audible alert that will warn the user if battery capacity is nearing depletion while the users is on a call.

Toys don't typically need this warning - they will be operated until the battery is depleted, and the battery can be replaced whenever it is convenient. Adding more circuitry to a circuit increases cost, and when the object is to sell a product at the highest profit margin and cheapest cost, adding unnecessary circuitry is not cost effective. So these circuits are only added to devices in which their inclusion provides a positive benefit to the user.

Just as we want to know how much film is left in a camera, we need to know how long the batteries will last. We need to know if there is enough battery left to make a phone call. Smoke and fire detectors need to alert the home owner that they are about to lose protection. But we don't need this sort of information in a typical toy.

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