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Hi there,

I am Yousuf from Pakistan. I would like to ask a question about paypal. I know that paypal is not supported in Pakistan but I have relatives and they live in Saudi Arabia which is a paypal supported country. Can I request them to collect paypal payments for me? Is this possible? I want to work online as a freelancer and forum/blog poster but the only thing I don't have is paypal. So can I request my relatives who live in Saudi Arabia to collect payments for me and then send those payments to me afterwards? Is this legal? Will I get arrested for doing this? Thank you so much.

Hello Yousuf,

Thanks for reaching out to me.  Paypal is outside of the realm of bankcard processing (which is my direct area of expertise).  While what you are saying above is possible, it would be a violation of PayPal terms - that is, you cannot have someone else collect payment on your behalf, be them international or domestic.

That being said, I dont think PayPal has any authority by which to arrest you for doing this.  They would, however, terminate your account and freeze any funds they had for you, and potentially try to debit back the bank account of your relatives for any charges they have processed.

So thanks and hope that is helpful.


Andrew Moran, CPP

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