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I have 50V passing through a parallel resistor group R1 = 560 ohms R2 = 270 ohms R3 = 680, I then have a R45pxy5 = 330 ohms in series with another parallel group R5 = 1 kohm R6 = 2.2k ohms

question is, what is the current flowing through each of the resistors in the circuit, Also determine the voltage dropped across the 330 ohm resistor.

all im looking for is the way to split the current I have tried this a few times using calculation but without success I have the icircuit app on my iphone which gives me the answers but not the calculation which I want to be able to do.

would you please help me with this matter
many thanx

First, voltage does not 'pass through' but is applied 'across' the circuit components.

This is an Ohm's law based problem.  If you know the voltage across each component you can compute the current using ohm's law;  E = I x R

You can find the parallel equivalent value using parallel computations, the simplest of which is two parallel resistors can be computed with the product over the sum technique.  If there are three resistors in parallel then the first two can be computed than that result in parallel with the third resistor and so on.

I will let you struggle with the computations of this rather straight forward exercise in Ohms Law calculations.



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