wish i coud benefit from being here by asking you about (clock generator and crystal oscillator) could i attach to it antenna and battery and use it as a signal jammer without the need of using any additional components because as i knew about it that it could emitt rf signals on certain frequencies that could disrupt and interfer with any other device work on the same frequency so hope to clarify this issue from you and receive your reply as soon as you could. APPRECIATE YOUR HELP , THANKS

I think a signal jammer must be at a higher level of power than from what you would get from a clock generator oscillator circuit.  You could easily construct one and see if it were adequate power level for your purposes.  However, the output level of a crystal synched oscillator is very low without some further amplification and propogating antenna matched for optimum output.

Also, there may be some legal limitations, depending upon the frequency band in which you are operating.  If your country has regulations on the frequency band you are jamming you could be in violation of those regulations.

Hope this gives you some better idea of the possibility for jamming devices.  


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