hello~ its me again, thank you for replying on my past questions, and i just want to ask are there different types of resistances? because im searching and all i see is different types of resistors, and also if there are purposes of each? ty again

There are many types, classes, ratings, tolerances for resistors.  But, they are always so many ohms of resistance.  They dissipate power because power = current x resistance.  Therefore, if there is a high voltage and such and such current the resistor must be made bulk enough to dissipate the amount of power that will be generated by the current and voltage across it.  Therefore, purchasing a resistor requires that you know what circuit it is going into and what the power dissipation will be.  In small electronic circuits the power dissipation is generally very low and often we use 1/4 or 1/2 watt resistors.  In power circuits like an audio amplifier, for example, we may need a 1w or 5w resistor - which is physically larger in size and may get quite hot in its normal operation......

Resistors come in many shapes, sizes and colors, for sure!


Hope this helps.  


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