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hello~ its me again, i would just like to ask again about a different topic, its about Kirchhoff's law this time~ could you again please include the solutions for the problems, thanks in advance~~~

1) find Ix and Vab in the given circuit below
(image in url format)

2)the total current flowing through the circuit is 70A. determine branch currents flowing through the circuit below.
(image in url format)

3)from the figure, determine the current I and the voltage across terminals A and B.
(image in url format)

As stated in the previous answer, we do not do home work solutions but will give you the principles so you can work out your own solutions.

1.  Kirchoff rule is to write the simple equations for the loops. Norton rule is to write the equations for the sum of the currents entering into the node.  This problem is basic if you understand the circuit components.  Ideal battery and ideal current generator.  But this one is so simple must applying ohms law will give you the answers.

2.  This is another simple ohms law calculation.  You know the current and you can calculate the equivalent resistance of the parallel resistance.  Then calculate the voltage and therefore the branch currents.

3.  Another ohms law solution.  You can compute the current in each branch, the sum is the total current.  You can compute the voltage across each resistor because you know the current.  The difference in voltage between the two center points on each branch will give you the voltage difference.

There you have it.  


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