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Image of relay
Image of relay  

Image of whole circuit
Image of whole circuit  
hello sir,
 I am making a project by the name  " infrared remote control On/ Off switch " . I bought a kit from a local seller wherein i got a relay. But i don't know how to make it work . Its wiring and identification of terminals is not possible for me . Please help me for it :: Relay provided is a 12v-1C/O relay with PCB mounting ( suggar cube )
Attaching herewith a photo of the relay and the trigger circuit !!

The coil connections tie to the electronic switch.  The circuit board will turn on the relay when it closes the circuit to the coil terminals.

The switching terminals are labeled.  NO means normally 'open circuit' and will close when the coil is operated.  The 'NC' means normally closed and those contacts will open when the coil is energized.

Good Luck.  


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