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Hi Sir, I really need your help.
I want to create a wheelchair with voice recognition. I need help that If we have developed program for voice recognition, to which component do we apply that? Micro-controller?

Also teacher said that they would accept the project only if we make it such that if a user wants to sit on the chair and run it, he must record his voice in the system at the spot and then wheel chair responds to that person. Similarly, any new user who wants to operate the chair, should first record his voice and then automatically the voice responds to that person's instructions. Is this possible?
If yes, How?

Please help me please. i am really in trouble

This is a really huge project with lots of technical difficulties to implement.  There are commercial units already available in the marketplace that you can google for.  Here is one system explained:

There are other IC systems available commercially that you can find.  Integration into a wheelchair is also a big project.

Here is an idea.  The ipod5 smartphone has a voice recognition system built in.  You may be able to use that as your speech recognition system and connect its command into the controllers of the wheel chair in some fashion.  Think about that as a solution target.  You may need to call on some software experts to help you with the I/O porting between the smartphone and your wheelchair drive system.

Hope you can get it going......

All the best.  


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