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I was wondering if there was any technical way to create a wall that is basically a large television? Perhaps of a lower resolution because otherwise it could get quite pricy, but pretty much a TV that takes up an entire wall. I was thinking it might be pretty surreal to create a virtual second half to the room that people keep running into. lol. Or maybe someone could watch an aquarium blueray or something that would be much nicer to see if it were all over the place.

Well, there are such technologies being developed in the laboratories but they are not yet commercialized.  The Kindle ereaders, for example, are using a form of paper displays that in the future development of the technology may do as you are thinking.

Meantime, you are stuck with video projection systems that can project the picture to the wall.  They are able to do a good job and can be mounted from the ceiling in such a way as to not be too obtrusive an installation.

Secondly, there are flat screens that can be pushed right up against the wall and take up the near total surface.  Panasonic has a 110 inch set that is pretty big.  Cost is high;  maybe $30,000 or there abouts - maybe less now that it has been out for a few months.

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