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I have to size a circuit with a 230V AC, 400 Hz, 500 KVA generator, a three-windings transformer and a 12-pulse parallel rectifier, and the rectified output will be 270V DC. I've created the schematic of this TRU (Transformer-Rectifier Unit) in SIMULINK  but I need to size devices.
How can I define the values of resistance and inductance of generator and transformer? and how can I understand from a thyristor's datasheet the value of its internal resistence Ron?
Thank you so much!

Using ohms law you can determine voltage drops and currents for finding average power dissipations in the component parts.  Some of it may be 'best guess' since the wave forms are not sinusoidal.  

This tutorial may help you learn more about the action and characteristics of various thyristors.

May you have true success with your project.  


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