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Hello ZZ-

I am repairing the PCM on my vehicle and need to replace the capacitors.  The capacitors in the PCM are 25V 220uf and I accidentally purchased 25V 2200uf caps to replace them.

I know that the voltage rating is critical for the repair and that the uf rating is the amount of charge stored within each cap.

My question is will the uf of the new caps (2200) be a problem or can I safely install them?  If I can't safely use them I'll just order a set of the correct size (and get my glasses checked so I don't make the same mistake - lol).

Capacitance value (MFD or MicroFarads) is much more critical than the voltage rating.  I cannot recommend you to use the 2200MFD if 220MFD is the correct value. It is too far away from the correct capacitance value and could alter the performance of the PCM unit dramatically since it connects to other system controlling electronic modules in the car.

The high MFD rating indicates that this is an electrolytic capacitor and the leakage factor and tolerance could be very important as well. You should check with the manufacturer for the exact replacement unit as the auto application is a very tough environmental application and the replacement parts should be qualified in order to last long enough in their service.

Sorry.  Better get the right ones.

Hope this helps.  


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