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i would like to ask based on topics
1. how many responses are obtained from a N number of independent sources present in a given circuit?
2. is it possible to eliminate dependent sources using superposition?
3. what are the possible limitations of using the superposition theorem?

1.  Voltage sources and current sources?  What is a response? Since this question seems like a student query coming from a specific style of course material I will refer you to one of the best tutorials around. Please refer to chapter 8 in this excellent presentation:

2. Please refer to the site above.

3. Superposition is a tool; sometimes it is simple and straight forward and sometimes there are better tools to use.  But, the main purpose if to help understand the functioning of circuits and to be able to imagine how they interrelate one with another. So, its main purpose from an educational point of view is in its learning about circuits.

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