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Hi I'm Hamza.
Like you I have entered the field of electrical engineering. My teacher gave me a project which should consist of MOSFETS, FETs and OP Amps all in one. It could be anything but should have these three components used in it. Please give me names of some projects which I can research on?
Try to be easy on me,as I have just started engineering =)
Thanks in Advance.

Please do some google researching.  It is difficult for another person to know what is on your mind and what your professor is wanting you to accomplish. Further I do not know the level of circuitry understanding you are at.  It is not the practice in most schools to give such a comprehensive project in the early stage of the curriculum.  

You might want to discuss further with your teacher what he has in mind and what the objective of the project might be.

I suggest you might want to look at various audio amplifiers where an opamp might be the input voltage amplifier and power FETs are used in the output stages.

Best wishes to you and congratulations on becoming an electrical engineering student. It is a good career choice.  


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