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does anyone still make TVs with front mounted control turn knobs?

Not that I know of.

The tv broadcast system in the USA is now an all digital format with very specific tuning requirements.  The tuners require digital scanning to search for the channels and lock them in while at the same time recording their location, program and call numbers, etc.

Other countries of the world are mostly digital but some third world countries are still broadcasting analog and it would be possible there are continuous tuning sets therein.

Some cable companies are still sending down analog signals for the benefit of those who are still using old style analog tv sets.  Therefore, some manufacturers are making analog tuner boxes that will receive the various cable frequencies/channels. I did a quick google search to find one that has continuous tuning but did not find such.  There were some with a push button that advanced the channel one channel at a time.  They cost around $30 to $100 each.

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