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I was wondering would you please tell me: is if safe to use your computer during a storm where there is no lighting?

(P.S would you please try to give your answer is a easy way that I can understand)

What are your concerns?  And, what do you mean by 'safe'?  Are you thinking of personal safety, computer safety, transmission line drop outs or something else?

And, it is not always easy to know if there really are electrical aspects of a storm.  You cannot know for certain that an electrical discharge may come unexpectedly!

If you are concerned about the safety of the computer or personnel then you can expect a desktop to be quite safe; as safe as other home appliances.  If it is a laptop that is NOT connected to the mains but is running off the internal batteries you can be assured it is quite safe in most respects.  And, if it is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi it would be very safe.

If you could give me a more detailed reason for your question and what kind or class of computer you are thinking of and how it is connected to the outside world we can dig a little deeper into the technology of storm related effects on their operation.

Hope this gets you thinking.

PS: If you google for computers during thunderstorms you will find many advisories about turning off the computer, powering down and disconnecting the mains, storage backup and so forth.  IT and computer system operators don't like storms because they can cause really big problems with memory loss, hardware damage and fire to the internal workings.  


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