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I'm thinking of a device that will generate an output signal based on the properties of the input signal such that the frequency and peak-to-peak amplitude of the input signal are switched at output.

Let's say the peak-to-peak amplitude of signals are measured in increments of the watts-per-square-meter equivalent to an electromagnetic signal consisting of one-1Hz-photon-per-second-per-square-meter. Let's refer to this as a "quantum electromagnetic watt" .

1 Quantum electromagnetic watt = the watts-per-square-meter equivalent to one-1Hz-photon-per-second-per-square-meter.

The hypothetical device I describe will convert an input electronic signal that has a frequency of X Hz an and a peak-to-peak amplitude of Y multiplied by (watts-per-square-meter equivalent to one-1Hz-photon-per-second-per-square-meter) to an output signal that has a peak-to-peak amplitude of X multiplied by (watts-per-square-meter equivalent to one-1Hz-photon-per-second-per-square-meter) and a frequency of Y Hz.

Is this device possible to produce this device in physical reality?

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You lost me on that one. I don't relate to the term watts/area.

I have never heard of a "1Hz photon/area" and don't know how to use it.

There are amplifiers that will convert frequency to amplitude and visa versa.  FM or Frequency Modulation is a system that converts signal amplitude to change in frequency at the output of the modulator.  Maybe you are thinking of something like that.

Here are some parameters of the photon;

Photon radiance is a physical term but it a long shot to equate that with wattage qualities. I think.....

Maybe you could restate the question to me in more practical terms.  And, what is the application?  There may be alternate schemes to do the same job.



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