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QUESTION: Can I use I use a single power charger to charge the following:

Kindle Paperwhite
Motorola Android Cell phone
Garmin Forerunner GPS enabled trainer
Magellan Roadmate GPS

ANSWER: Very doubtful.  Why?  The power (voltage and current) requirements vary greatly among the four items you mentioned.  The Magellan Roadmate GPS is very power hungry and requires a big converter on either ac or car.  The Kindle and Motorola, on the other hand, require very light current for charging.

Secondly, they all have different connections so even if you did find a multi-voltage, multi-current charger it would require connection converters to fit all the hardware wouldn't it?

It would be quite an engineering project to do them all with only one super smart charger.

All that being said, there are a number of universal chargers that work off a usb port of your laptop that might come close to what you are looking for.  So, my assignment to you is to go googling or binging for universal chargers and see what you might find. Maybe you can get by with two chargers; one for the light duty ones and one for the heavy users.

Good Luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your advice. The local store expert said they could all work from the same converter....that didn't seem logical.

I'll be going on vacation with only the kindle and phone. Both use the same connectors so I am going to assume one converter will be OK. I'm trying to keep down the "stuff" so I don't have to check baggage on the plane.

Please reply only if my assumption is not correct.

Thanks again.

Sounds like a good plan...... however, if you are going out of country the phone may not work.  And if you load up the kindle before you leave you will not have to worry about connecting to wi-fi.  But, most kindle readers (not the fire) will run for a couple of weeks between charges!

Thanks for using allexperts.  


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