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Electronics/Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for Elevators.



Can Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provide a battery backup for Elevators / Lifts in case the mains power goes up ?.

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ANSWER: I suppose so but it would have to be 1) much higher power rating than typical UPS of current design and 2) uniquely designed to meet the conditions of the elevator type (AC or DC motor, hydraulic, chain and cable drive, etc.)

Elevator power requirement is an order of magnitude greater than a PC - which is the target for most UPS units. Also, it may require two UPS; one for electric controls and one for electric motors and switching systems for door operations and such mechanisms.

In many public buildings such as a hospital, government offices, headquarters for important organizations, the original building of the elevator included an emergency system in case of power failure.  It sometimes involved a standby generator or large battery backups and other such emergency systems.

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1. Is it possible to use more than One UPS in series or parallel after computing the elevator power consumption ?.

a. When the mains supply goes, the elevator will come to ground floor for the people to exit / come out of the lift.

b. The Elevator will continue working for specific INTERVAL - hours depending upon the UPS Batteries power output. The UPS Batteries will be charged from AC Mains supply once the power is restored.

c. Elevator controls will indicate to the people inside the elevator using Alarms or LED Blinking that the elevator is using the UPS Battery Backup power and also indicating the Battery Backup time remaining for the Lift Operational. For example : 3 Hours remaining, with a decrements counter
in Hours:Minutes:Seconds.

2. Can this be possible to implement within Elevator electronic panel controls ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

1.  Redundancy and reliability is always issue with battery/power supplies circuits in series or parallel; same with UPS. Some ups circuits cannot be used in conjunction with other either series or parallel due to the grounding issues or imbalance of design with respect to circuit separation issues.  Control of elevator may need totally different voltage and current requirements compared with motor or motive forces to elevator shaft.  Independent functions for ups may require two or three systems with their own set of design requirements.

2. As above, depending on final design of circuits, logic and system requirements it may require unique set of design criteria for shaft/lift system, control system, security and safety issues.

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