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Hi ZZ,

In our hospital we have quite a few suction machines, and when these fail the culprit is almost always the IRF5210PbF MOSFET inside.  Replacing is easy enough, but we have difficulty sourcing this exact part here in Afghanistan, and it takes ages to order from Europe.

I've had a look around online, but I still haven't understood how to determine an appropriate substitute, to see if there is a suitable MOSFET replacement available locally.  Is there a straightforward way for me to work out if another MOSFET could work?  I have a moderate understanding of electronics, but the different ratings of this MOSFET are quite beyond my level.  This particular model has the following specs:

Channel Type: P
Maximum Continuous Drain Current: 40 A
Maximum Drain Source Voltage: 100 V
Maximum Gate Source Voltage: 20 V
Maximum Drain Source Resistance: 0.06 Ω
Typical Turn-Off Delay Time: 79 ns
Typical Turn-On Delay Time: 17 ns
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Package Type: TO-220AB
Pin Count: 3
Typical Gate Charge @ Vgs: 180 nC V @ 10
Typical Input Capacitance @ Vds: 2700 pF V @ 25
Category: Power MOSFET
Channel Mode: Enhancement
Configuration: Single

Many thanks in advance,

I did not find an alternative.  If you go to:

and do the alternate finder it will say there are no equivalent devices.

So, you can buy several in advance so you have them available.  They are not expensive; under $USD2.00 per each if you buy  more than 10 units.

Digikey is a good place to start.  

As a final note you may want to contact the manufacturer for their recommendation.

Let me know if you need more help.  Best wishes.  


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