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I need help and advice.i just bought a digital multimeter,wanting to fix a bulb holder,what is the first i must do and what must i select on the meter in order to do test.can i test the bulb holder while is other thing is on the meter i see resistance,voltage.for resistance what do we test and voltage what do we test.your help will be appreciated.

For the kind of testing that you are doing I would have recommended an analog VOM (Volt-Ohm-Meter) because they are a little easier and more intuitive to use.  But a digital vom will work fine as well.

Let me recommend a couple of links to study first:

And there are others that you can find on google or bing search engines.

The best approach, since you are obviously inexperienced with electricity, would be to test the bulb holder without any electricity being applied.  If you can disconnect the holder from the electrical circuit then you can use the ohmmeter section of the meter to check for ohmic contact with the connections.  You can also check the bulb to see if the filament has burned out.

You can check the voltage when the bulb is turned on by verifying that voltage is making it to the bulb connections but this has danger because the circuit is hot and if you accidentally touch the wrong places you can get electrically shocked.

Hope this helps you figure it out.  Best wishes.  


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