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What kind of device could I use to stabilize the line voltage in my shop (120.1V-124.3V)to 1% or less in fluctuation? Most devices Ive seen stabilize withing 3% or the devices Ive seen that are accurate to within 1% or less are 300$-2000$. It has to be something that can handle 1500W output on an AC line.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

My first question to you is:  Why do you need 1% line stability?  What loads are you using that really need that kind of regulation? And, is line distortion or waveform fidelity important?

There are several kinds of line stabilizers using different forms of electronic, electromagnetic or transformer circuit details; each with their own peculiarities.

But, as you have already learned, getting 1% output regulation is very expensive.  And, over 1kw adds to the complexity and cost.

My suggestion is to take a look at the items you are connecting to the line to see if those items can be mitigated for wider voltage fluctuations.

Let me know more.  


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