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Antenna Fixing Location
Antenna Fixing Locatio  

What would be the ideal location/s for fixing Antenna in automobiles viz Cars, Luxury Buses, Trucks to receive radio signals viz FM, AM frequencies ?.

Can there be any advantage of fixing more than one antenna in different locations ?.

Are there automobiles viz Cars, Luxury Buses, Trucks etc which can receive the radio signals without fixing a antenna ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: Antenna location on moving vehicles is a function of total design of the radio receiving system.  The sensitivity of the radio receiver and its electronic balance with the connecting cable, distance of the cable, design of the antenna and location on the vehicle.

Some balance of aesthetics and vehicle design are sometimes inflicted on the antenna for cosmetic or beauty appeal.

Engineers have struggled over the years with alternate locations and design of the antenna itself for best overall performance.  Some manufacturers have embedded the antenna into the glass of the windshield or rear window.  Some have applied two antenna into a diversity arrangement which works well for FM or higher frequency transmissions. For satellite such as ON-Star and XM radio a small antenna on the roof of the vehicle has become a sort of universal solution.

Some autos have automatic rising antenna which are mounted over the wheel shell and rise out of the surface when radio is ON but when OFF it recesses into the wheel well and is out of site.

Diversity antenna mentioned above have great appeal from a performance point of view but the cost for two antenna and a more complex receiver design add significant cost.

Hidden antenna are often used as mentioned above where the antenna is embedded into the glass of one of the windows.

However, more and more drivers and passengers are using modern digital delivery for their news and entertainment leaving less and less interest in the older analog AM and FM technology.  THerefore, the emphasis for developing new technology for analog radio is becoming less interesting for vehicle manufacturers.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you.

1. Are there automobiles viz Cars, Jeeps etc etc which can receive the radio signals without fixing a antenna and having a complex receiver design ?.

2. Can the Antenna fixing location also be implemented in heavy vehicles viz
Buses, Trucks, Tempos etc ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There must be an antenna; otherwise, how can it get an input signal?  The signal comes from electromagnetic propagation from a distant transmitter through the air and an antenna is necessary to pickup the signal.

Weight and size of the vehicle has little to do with the matter; there must be an antenna of some kind to receive a signal for inputting to the receiver.  


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