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Will there be special design considerations for elevators for Skyscraper buildings ?.

Factors like Load capacity, Elevator Speed has to be considered for designing elevators for Tall Buildings ?.

As a example from Ground floor to reach to the Top Floor of the Building might even take 10-15 minutes or more and vice versa ?.  

The Load carrying capacity for elevators will be less for skyscrapers on a safer side ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: I know nothing about this subject.  Except to say I worked in the PanAm building in New York City for several months and the ride to the 22nd floor where my office was located took about 10 to 12 seconds with a passenger capacity of about 25 persons.  

I also took the elevator to the 100th floor in a new office tower in Kobe, Japan where the ride to the top was less than one minute.

Design of elevators must account for safety, emergency in case of fire, earthquake, etc. etc.

That's all I can offer you for now.  Good Luck.

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Thank you.

Are there Limitations for Building Skyscrapers above a certain
Height ?.

what is the maximum height (feet) for safety limits to which above the skyscraper floor construction could be stressful to the skyscraper ?.

The Load carrying capacity for elevators will be less for skyscrapers on a safer side ?.

Is this law holds true ?.

The Load carrying capacity of a Elevator is inversely proportional to the Building's Height ?.

i.e. Less Building Height = More Elevator Load capacity.
More Building Height = Less Elevator Load capacity.

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Prashant S Akerkar

This is far outside my field of expertise.  

Hight capacity of elevators likely depends on the type of mechanism used to pump or pull the carriage up.  If chain and belts are used there is no theoretical limit. If hydraulic plunger is used there are limitations.  Most tall buildings use two or three systems of elevation; at one level the passenger must exit and switch over to another bank off elevators which goes the next batch of floors.

Load is likely a function of design and power of the driving engines.  There are physical limitations, of course, but it follows the laws of physics so related.

That is about all  I can offer you.  


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