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Electronics/Fuel stations for Commercial airplanes.



Do fuel stations are available to the commercial airplanes at the airports facility where airplanes do take off and landing ?.

Are there special planes for the same to do this refueling which has the storage facility ?.

It will be very rare that the fuel stations at the airports can exhaust for filling fuel for the airplanes ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar

ANSWER: This is not an electronics question; I have no authority in this field.

Airline companies purchase their fuel supplies on the futures market for guaranteed delivery at certain preset negotiated prices to guarantee delivery of fuels to the airports on time.  Planes must generally fill up before departure; they fill only adequate enough to the next destination so as to keep efficient use of fuel by the heavy planes.  They must always have fuel ready to go for each flight.

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Thank you.

1. Do the commercial airplanes have to be parked to a special infrastructure area
within the airport where the fueling is done ?. i.e. There is a area within the airport where the plane moves to a special place for the fueling ?. This station has the fuel storage capacity within the airport.


2. Do a tanker, truck etc vehicle having the fuel storage facility moves to the airplane where the airplane is parked and then the airplane is fueled ?.

Is it 1 or 2 for airplane fueling ?.

If both the two methods are right which is the Better method for fueling also taking account safety measures if required ?.

Just inputs from your end regarding having Fuel stations installed at the airport at a distance.

i.e. The airplanes move to special area zones where these fuel stations (Fuel station 1, Fuel station 2 etc are available and then they are fueled.

Do you feel the advantage of these fuel stations would be better than moving the fuel tanker, truck to the airplane carrying gallons of fuel from the safety point
of view ?.

The disadvantage of these could be having fuel stations at the international and domestic airports is that the airports will require a bigger infrastructure land area for those fuel stations to be installed ?.

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Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

A centralize filling station may be practical for small or private facilities where the arrival and departure of aircraft is low such that waiting in line would not become a problem.

But, commercial airports where arrivals and departures are frequent the idea if central filling stations is highly impractical.  The best solution there is to have fuel delivery trucks or tankers to carry the fuel to the plane while it is unloading its passengers and cargo at the gate.

Also, different airlines sometimes have their own fuel facility and operate it by their own crew of fuel experts who service only their own fleet of airplanes.  


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