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Electronics/Detergent Powder feed mechanism in Automatic Washing machine.


Dear ZZ

Is the Detergent / Bleach or Washing powder feed mechanism also
automated in Automatic washing machine ?.

As a example 2 kg or 1 kg or 500 gm Detergent powder is feed and kept in the Washing machine box. The consumer can select the number of detergent powder Tablespoons i.e.  1 or 2 or 3 etc to be feed for the washing purpose by selecting the Input Number button on the washing machine.


The Washing machine intelligently feeds the amount of detergent powder required for washing depending upon the total number of clothes inside the machine.

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Prashant S Akerkar

It is a problem with powder detergents due to the humidity level during wash cycle which causes the powder to cake and not release in subsequent washings.

In the USA most users are using liquid detergents which would be okey for storage in the wasing machine cavities.

Technology to do so is easy.  I do not know of any auto feed based machines on the market yet.

Maybe this patent would be of interest to you:  


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