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Electronics/Digital Camera and Video Projector Integrated Product.


Dear ZZ

Are there Products available in the market which combines the functionality of  Digital Camera and Video Projector ?.

In case not available, is it feasible to construct/manufacture this dual functionality product ?.

Do you feel there are advantages in combining both the features of Digital Camera and Video Projector in a single product ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Nikon has a device which they claim will do this.  I don't know much about it other than seeing some brochure about it.  You should google for Nikon "coolpix" or something like that.  

Maybe other manufacturers make such a product as well but I don't know of them.  Probably Sony has something along those lines.  Try this page  or others that you can google.

Best wishes.  


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