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Dear ZZ

The Distance between point a - starting point to b - ending point i.e. length is 2,232 km. Can people travel using Horses and Jeeps in the wall from point a to point b?. The wall road also looks wide enough.

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Prashant S Akerkar

This is not an electronics question. However, you are in luck as I have personally been on the Great Wall and walked some distances near the Beiging area.

The road between the wall fences is quite wide enough for a motor vehicle. The problem is due to the elevations traversed there are steps that must be traversed for the sharp rises and dips the road takes. Further, there are block houses at intervals along the way and they are fully constructed over the roadway allowing passage of a person but not a vehicle.

Sorry to say it is not passable via motorized vehicle in my opinion.  


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