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Electronics/Smartphone Car Lock / UnLock Keys Software Application.


Dear ZZ

It may or may not be useful but is it possible to design and develop a Smartphone Car Lock / UnLock Keys Software Application which will allow the car door lock as well as unlock car door lock ?.

The Smartphone Hardware will be modified to support RFID Technology.

The Smartphone will have Two Button keys for Locking and unlocking the Car Door.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Yes, such technology would be easy to implement.

However, most cars sold in America now days come with wireless locking and unlocking via the ignition keys or in some cases by push buttons on the door where a code is entered on the buttons.

An RFID is used or similar technology that is built into the key or the key fob. They are simple and secure and convenient.  More convenient I think than would be on a smartphone.Further, some manufacturers provide for rolling down windows in the car or automatic start on cold winter days, etc.

Here is the wiki on remote keyless system:

Hope this helps.  


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