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Electronics/Smartphones interfacing to MIDI Instruments


Dear ZZ

Can we use Wireless Technology viz Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for  connecting / interfacing Smartphone Device to Musical Instrument digital interface (MIDI) instruments viz MIDI Keyboard, Piano etc ?.

Smartphone Device will detect the MIDI Instruments via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Both devices will be Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled.

The Smartphone MIDI apps will be designed and developed for supporting different MIDI instruments for sequencing, recording and playing.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

There are literally hundreds of apps and tricks for Andriod and ipad applications.  The smartphone is used for many creative productions and experimentations utilizing midi files of one kind or another.

Here is a small sample of some apps:

Go to the google play store for some good ideas as well:

Have fun.  


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