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Dear ZZ

Will this be the best approach for tracing and Tracking Hackers who have attacked web sites ?.

The Consumer Who knows about that his/her web applications have been attacked by Hackers can approach the Web Hosting service company who have hosted the web applications (Website content and Database) in their data center ?.

The consumer will pay the necessary fees to the Web site Hosting company for these special service of tracing and tracking Hackers.

Will the Web Hosting co help in this regard for tracing and tracking Hackers ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Some hackers are well known and can be detected and captured by law enforcement teams.

The hackers that do the damage to Internet users are those working in secrecy and hiding themselves with their own clever tricks of the trade.  They know how to uncover the latest vulnerabilities of the operating systems and browsers.  They are using techniques which are very difficult to detect and trace down - that is why they are called hackers.

The software code writers and debuggers make updates and attack strategies as quickly as the latest hack tools are known.

The poor consumer often does not know when a hack attack has been made on their pc until after the damage has been done.

Of course, there are known hack breakins but these are already accounted for in the virus software used on most machines and devices.

It is really a game of the system developers and software writers keeping up with the cleverness of the hackers.  It is a nasty game of war among the good and the bad people in society.  If there were easy ways of knowing who the hackers are, where they are working, how to prevent them from their evil damage it would make life simple for us all.

Thus, I don't see much merit in your proposal since all that can be done is now being done internally at the various levels of system development and updating for improved protections.

If you google/bing on avoiding hack attacks a number of various methods and procedures are found that will help the consumer and computer users, but the hackers are always moving from one vulnerability to the next one and hiding behind walls and encryptions that make it difficult for the cyber police to keep up with them.  


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