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Dear ZZ

Is it possible to design and construct a Combo Digital and Analog multimeter which will have integrated electronics of both digital (digital panel - digits) and analog multimeter in a single instrument ?.

A Push Button can be designed for selecting Digital or Analog Selection Mode. If Digital mode is selected, Values computed will be displayed on the digital panel for voltage, current, resistance etc ranges. If Analog mode is selected, Values computed will be displayed on the Analog pointer displaying the value for voltage, current, resistance etc ranges.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Yes, of course it is possible.  And, it has been done in earlier times and even today there are instruments with dual capabilities of one kind or another.

But the VOM, which is the simplest of all electronic test instruments, seems overly occupied with such liberal circuits and redundancies for such a lowly instrument.

I think there is virtually no market for such a device.  BUT: If you insist on having one, please refer to the one in the URL below:  


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