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Electronics/Connecting Smartphone Device to Barcode printer.


Dear ZZ

Can we use Wireless Technology viz Bluetooth or Wi-fi for connecting Smartphone Device to Wireless Barcode Printer ?.

Smartphone Device will detect the Barcode Printer via Wi-fi or Bluetooth. Both devices will be Wi-fi or Bluetooth enabled.

Smartphone Barcode software application will generate the Unique Barcode for the product selected and redirect the output for Barcode printing to the Wireless Barcode Printer.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

These kind of apps are all over the Internet.

Google Play and such vendors of APPS for Android and others for iPAD are found easily.

There are many small (and large) commpanies that use them for inventory control, accounting, credit checking, price change and control, etc., etc.

In the USA and most of European countries as well as Asia you can find the enterprise use at all levels and industries.

It is a very ubiquitous thing now days.  


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