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Can we have a series of magnetron devices i.e. more than one in a car driven by electricity?.

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Prashant s akerkar

ANSWER: I donot understand the question.  What is the magnetron in the car for?  I microwave oven?  Do you want to boil water and run a steam engine or what....  Please explain.

I have never heard of needing a magnetron in the car.

Here is a discussion about an engine idea that might be to your interest.

I think, as does those in the forum above, the power to run the magnetrons would be greater than the output from the steam engine.  And the steam engine would be very bulky and heavy.

It does not sound practical to me.

And this discussion about energy to boil water is interesting:,5753,-2452,00.html

Have fun.

Could be interesting but I know of no group or agency investigating this technology in a serious way.

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I am Exploring Whether the output power generated by magnetron(heat conversion to electricity) which will drive the car engine motor?.

I don't know of any mechanism for converting the output of magnetron to electricity.

The magnetron is used, such as in a microwave oven, to focus energy into water, for example, and if the water boils the steam may be used to operate a steam generator.

There are many other youtubes you can watch for steam to electric generation.

But, using a magentron to produce the steam would be a very inefficient system it seems to me.

Here is a claim that looks doubtful to me:

Have fun.  


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