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In a International commercial flight one hour before departure the pilot or copilot reports unwell, sick due to fever, cold, viral or bacterial infection etc.

1. The Flight is cancelled informing the passengers.
2. The Flight is delayed and the flight takes off after the pilot or copilot becomes well informing the passengers.
3. A Backup Pilot or Copilot (who either is unwell) is called by the
airlines carrier and the Flight takes off informing the passengers.

Which among the above three is the aviation rule does the airline carrier follows for the above scenario ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

This is not an electronics question; however, I will give you some comments to consider:

In the above story, the pilot becomes ill during flight. It explains the procedures followed.

The above entry gives procedures followed when pilot become ill just prior to departure.

Here is the interesting part:

"Pilots who are relatively new to the airline will fly reserve, meaning they do not have a set flying schedule. A reserve pilot may have "on call" duty for 12 hours or longer at a stretch. In this time, the pilot has to be packed and ready to fly, because the flight scheduler might page them at any moment. If a pilot is called in, he or she reports to the airport immediately for a flight assignment (for many airlines, the pilot must be ready to go within an hour of being paged). Reserve pilots are called up when the scheduled pilot becomes ill or can't make the flight for some other reason. The life of the reserve pilot is largely unpredictable: Pilots might spend several days on reserve and never get paged, or they might get paged every day. And when they report for duty, they could be flying over to the next state or they might be putting in a three-day trip to another part of the world. With this hectic schedule, it's no wonder flights are occasionally delayed while waiting around for crew members to arrive."

So, most probably the answer to your question is that a larger airline company may have standby pilots on call who can get to the airport quickly and get the plane going with the least amount of delay.  


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