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QUESTION: hello sir

I m confronting a problem want to benefit from your experience for solving it

" I have a bachelor degree on electronics and communication system engineering , during my last years studies , I found that I tend to abstract science not to applied science "

I like and clever also excelled on all kind of mathematics , physics , mechanics , communication systems , but on theories and design I mean abstractly using pen,papers,sketches,manuals,specification,calculations,researches,books

but I hate

using my hand on work for instance

using electronic board - electronic components - avometer - any measuring tools - thin wires - cables - electronics equipment -  microprocessors - micro controller except theoretical part - programming language like c,c++,............

all jobs I faced required some one has practical skills or at least has readiness to learn practically the things I mentioned above

frankly I haven't readiness to do or just think to do that , there was one trial before by imposing myself to do that but I  feeling pain so I quit

noticed that I studied satellite communication - mobile communication - data transfer and computer network also fiber optics design

I want to be a designer , using theories or create something but on planning stage , want to escape from technical and practical stage on any kind of engineering applied science

my question please let me know which engineering positions names or jobs required my above skills without interacting with hatred  items I listed above or recommend me something or suggestion

thanks and best regards

ANSWER: It seems you have analyzed your skill set very well.

There are many career paths and engineering employments that do not require the laboratory practice.

In design shops there are expediters, project managers and many interface agents.  

You might even enjoy patent law or marketing or market research; which are lucrative salaries.

In any event please study the job markets in your country and don't think technical work assignments are always in the lab or shop; most of them are not.

If you have the option to continue your education you could benefit greatly from obtaining the MBA (Master Business Administration).

Wishing you the best.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you sir for your answer

but you didn't tell examples of position I may search for whether online or via social network a

also there is a piece of info I didnt mention last email . I had worked for 4 years as HR specificialist on engineering department for large oil service company , but I left it for bad compensation and other issue
but I detect on myself the following

I have
- high managment skills
- high communication skills
- photographic memory
- indexed mind
- negotiation skills
- leadership skills
- social skills

I had made high popularity and network , all labours and employees working under my direction was loving me still calling me till now begging returning the same company and same position

so can I connect my engineering minded with HR career , is that able , if yes , how can I crystallize that

I think you know your own answer.

Careers are not just some name of position or occupation.  Jobs occur in unlikely places and all the listings of job titles and occupational fields don't tell the story.

Let me offer an example of one of my students:

He studied electronics engineering but like you he did not want to be locked into a lab or instrument studio.  He wanted something in the enterprise that needed his technical skills but not to be a dominant factor.

His Job He got upon Graduation:  A nearby insurance company was opening a video lab to make inhouse training and teaching lessons.  He applied and got the job and now is managing a department of corporate development for a large national insurance company.  He has led them through the progression of early digital recording to advanced digital audio and video equipment and into Internet distribution of technologically enhanced corporate materials to a nationwide staff of employees.

The same can be said of all industries and specialties.

Keep the faith. Keep working.  Learn to love the work you are doing.  In the long run it is not so important where one starts but where one ends up.  So. look for personal growth and advancements of your qualities and abilities.

Wishing you the best.  


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