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Electronics/Radio receiver programs recording and playback.


Dear ZZ

1 Is it possible to record radio receiver programs - AM/FM Channels in a DVD Recorder device by interfacing a USB cable between Radio receiver and DVD Recorder ?. This can be done BY Having USB Connector on Radio receiver device ?.

2 Is it also possible to record radio receiver programs - AM/FM Channels in a DVD Recorder device by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ?.  Both Devices are WI-Fi or Bluetooth Enabled.

Only Solution 1 will work ?.
Only Solution 2 will work ?.
Will both the Solutions work ?.
Will both the Solutions will not work ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Yes, all the combinations you ask about are possible. But are they wanted?

Maybe you don't realize that DVD recording is nearly a dead business since there are so many other recording devices for digital information.  AM/FM signals are analog and nearly all recording apparatus now days are digitally oriented.  

If you google for products with recording or transfer features you'll find many products that will do the recording from AM/FM signals, but nearly all are to HD or iPOD or some other configuration.  Not many dvd based solutions.

So, yes, possible but no market opportunity that we can see.  


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