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Electronics/Remote controlled Thermostat for Refrigerator system.


Dear ZZ

Is it possible to design a remote controlled Thermostat for Refrigerator system ?.

The remote controlled thermostat will control the Refrigerator cooling
which may be in the range of negative values degree Celsius temperature. The remote controlled Thermostat will have push buttons for increasing or decreasing cooling temperature within the Refrigerator.

Is this practical ?.

Can a digital Thermometer measure and display negative values if kept in the Refrigerator system ?.

If this is possible then may be it is possible to design a Remote controlled Thermostat for Refrigerator similar to remote control for Air conditioners ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

You are behind in this field I can tell.  Do you know about the smarthome protocol?

Standards are being proposed by such groups as IoT (Internet of Things)

There are other groups doing similar standardization efforts favoring different ways to accomplish the control of the home and its contents. ZigBee Alliance is one and Thread Alliance is another.

The smarthome environment includes control of appliances of all kinds, home energy consumption an visual communications into the home whilst away from the home.  Safety, security, cameras and entertainment systems can all be interfaced with and take control from remote location using BlueTooth, Wi-Fi or other wireless methods.  Internet connection the home makes for an easy gateway into the home bus with its interconnections with all the electrical and electronic systems.  


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