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Electronics/Water Purifier Machine.


Dear ZZ

1. Can a Water Purifier be designed and constructed which is battery operated instead of the mains power ac supply ?.

2. Can a Remote control be designed for a Water Purifier Machine ?.

3. Which is a Better product among electrical and non electrical water purifier machines ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

1. Yes, no problem.
2. Yes, no problem.
3. The answer to this question must take into consideration the type and level of the contaminants, the cleansing cycle times needed, volume of water and other such engineering concerns.  Economics would play an important part of the solution as well.  In many water supplied the contaminants are grouped in a small range of elements such as metals. In other water storage systems the contaminants may be chemical salts that require some chemistry in addition to the filtering.

It does not have an easy or straight forward answer.

If you google for various filtration  and purification systems you will learn that it is a broad field and every city, country or part of the world has its own unique set of cleansing requirements.  


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